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LG and Samsung officially confirmed curved display smartphones

Samsung has officially confirmed curved display smart phones, reportedly a Galaxy Note 3 Active model, which could be announced as soon as next week. LG meanwhile, are taking it a step further with their new LG Z series, featuring a concave display, likely of full HD resolution. The Z series flagship is allegedly already in production, and is expected to launch this month.

Current flexible OLED technology will allow displays which require less screen bezel, and will be unbreakable hence the Active moniker attached to Samsung's upcoming device. While both devices will feature unique, non-straight angle displays, they are not flexible per se, as internal components like circuit boards and batteries cannot be made bendable, yet. Both smart phones are expected to be released in limited quantities as neither manufacturer has the capabilities to mass produce flexible displays yet. Word out of Korea is that both local tech giants, Samsung and LG, will each be unveiling flexible display devices in October.