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LG G Watch 2 will appear in the month of September

LG South Korean manufacturer revealed their first smart watch named LG G Watch in June. Now the company is busy in making of the sequel of LG G Watch. It is expected that the new upcoming wearable device will be available somewhere in the month of September. The new wearable device is probably known as LG G Watch 2. 

Korean Times published the word from some LG officials. According to the officials the new LG G Watch 2 will appear during IFA 2014. This consumer fair held in Berlin Germany on 4th September simultaneous with Google's wearable platform. There is not much information available for the wearable except the wearable continues the trend of android operating system and it will have a new OLED display.  

LG is optimistic about the success of LG G Watch2 as it was successful with the previous G3 flagship smartphone in the wearable market. They did achieve success with their previous original G Watch.


The G Watch took the official place during Google I/O earlier this year with 1.65” display with 280x280 pixels resolution. The other features included Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, and 4GB of internal storage. It had some problems that users faced like minor burns on their skin and they had to issue an update over-the-air (OTA) to rectify the galvanic corrosion issue on the charging pins. This was in fact rushes to market not the leaving the entire space to Apple and Microsoft. Now LG G Watch2 is a deliberate effort therefore it will be a better product without anything like the previous issue.

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