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LG G Watch W105 with SIM function Confirm, Will not be released in USA

After the MWC LG announced a smart watch named “LG G WATCH” and users are waiting to get the device soon from LG. But what we look there is another version present of LG G Watch. G Watch has a SIM function. Allowing the users perform some mobile features with their G Watch without pairing with smartphone.

According to the sources the existence of G Watch with SIM function is true. One Korean website confirms the model number of LG G watch with SIM function. The model number of G Watch with SIM function is W105 and the other G Watch which doesn’t have a SIM access has W100 as a model number.

The G Watch with SIM function is only available for Korean market for now and USA markets will not get the SIM version of LG G Watch. It is really disappointing for the USA consumers but we don’t have any confirmation for USA till yet, maybe company launches the G Watch SIM version in USA as well after Korea.