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LG G3 Mini with good specs presented for sale

LG G3 was announced on 27 May and now it is available for sale on preorders only in the UK. However physical handover to retailers and then the users will be affected by the end of this month. LG's flagship device is yet not in the market, and the rumors have started cropping up mentioning about a mini version, LG G3 Mini.

LG G3 Mini bears model number LGD722 on the India import and export database, where it has been spotted. The mini has been put under testing and evaluation for final shape of the handset.

 AT&T has given the name LGD725 to variant of LG G3 Mini. Similarly there are different names given in different regions and markets; LGD722 for Europe, LGD722K for Taiwan, LGD724 for CIS and LGD728 for China Mobile LTE.

The LG G3 Mini is expected to appear with have a 4.5in screen and 2,100mAh battery as source of power. It is accomplished with a five megapixel rear camera and 8GB onboard memory with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor.

Besides, each LG G3 Mini unit costs approximately £131, whereas the LG G3 flagship costs £499 in VAT.