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LG G3 Will Receive the Android 5.0 Updates in December 2014

It is a matter of pleasure for both, the company and the users that company is updating LG G3 with lollipop and the users are getting the latest operating system.

It will not be very late but a matter of couple of weeks that Android 5.0 update will be issued and received. This is the confirm news which comes from the official source of LG at Netherlands and Belgium for this braking news. It has further been reconfirmed from LG’s officials at Germany that LG G3 will get this update containing many good features and also the previous model of LG G2 will also be getting this update after it is issued to LG G3, in the beginning of 2015.


It is true the source at Google Android, LG is making its all out efforts to update LG G3 with lollipop; the handset has been very popular in the market. This news has been further reinforced by the screen shorts of Android unique appearance on the internet. The images so leaked show the card based notification bar that is specific feature of Android 5.0. These images also show the circular picture of this update.

The Nexus series by Google so far give the basic Android experience to the owners of the devices but on the other hand LG G3 not only has the flexibility of updating to Android 5.0 but also has its own personalized Optimus User Interface. Therefore LG G3 will stand out even with the minor difference in the UI as compare to Nexus 6 which is rigidly stuck to its operating system without update.