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LG G4 Come with 8 megapixel front camera using Ultrathin IR feature

LG deliver some words about their upcoming flagship LG G4 and revealed some camera specs. According to the company official the smartphone come with 16 megapixel rear camera which is made in their own lab known as LG Innotek.

According to the LG officials, the camera module is “groundbreaking” which means the camera come with a wide aperture of f/1.8. As per the report confirmed the new camera module is able to get 80% more light than the camera of LG G3. These lines clearly through the light that the new smartphone camera is able t o capture high quality super fine images even in very low light conditions and the camera will not facing any problem to capture the moving object movies.

Besides the 16 megapixel rear camera, LG placed 8 megapixel front-facing camera for taking the best selfies. The front facing the camera is using the ultra-thin IR filter to stop the infrared (infrared wave) to reach the camera lens and the result of the images comes in more natural and accurate color.


This is the Android Phone and runs latest 5.0 operating system. The handset has 5.5 inches QHD display. The remaining specs of the handset are still behind the curtain and the curtain will pull from those on 28th April. Till then stay with us for knowing the time by time updates.