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LG Rumored to announce its Upcoming Flagship LG G5 at MWC 2016

Published on Feb 3,2016 By Maq Ahmed


From a past few months, rumors and leaks are focusing on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 whereas, Android users also need to know about LG next flagship. LG is also introducing its new flagship at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016. Upcoming LG flagship would be high-end device with unique features.

MWC is a 4 day event which will hold on 22 February, similar to Samsung and LG many other mobile makers have something new to introduce at the event.  Well we have to wait for a couple of weeks till this rumor comes true. Despite the rumors, we know the fact that LG G5 is coming this year.

MWC is a great event for releasing devices; so many companies unveil their smartphones in this event. It is completely unknown how the device will look like, but many AutoCAD players are making concept images and playing with designs. Previous rumors suggest that LG G5 will come with a ticker display and magic slot.


Let’s stalk again on the specifications of the device; LG G5 will have a 5.3 inch 1440p display, most probably to make space for minor screen in a smaller footprint than the V10.  In the camera section G5 will also scrounge from V10, because V10 has two front cameras for wonderful and wide images.  Therefore, G5 will have this pattern on the back, which will be able to capture 135 degree image. LG will also expand camera and hardware in its upcoming flagship. 

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