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McLaren Microsofts new Windows Phone comes with touch less gesture controls

We heard the rumors about Microsoft new Windows phone code name “McLaren” in previous days. We also heard that three major USA carriers AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile would offer this new Windows phone. Some rumors give the hints this handset is modified version of Nokia Lumia 1020.

The latest news said about the handset that it would come in 3D touch system just like the Microsoft Kinect.  In this feature users don’t need to touch their mobile screens for the interaction with the device. This 3D touch system specialty will be restricted only to Microsoft's devices. All other devices, they may be running Windows software but not manufactured by Microsoft will not have this feature.

Nokia has worked on this 3D technology since years. This 3D technology based on many sensors and users can perform many tasks without touching  their smartphone screens such as they can answer the calls without pressing the accept button or they can cut the call without press the  cancel button, simply the phone work with  the movement of the hands. This is not enough the sensors are very sensitive and work very efficiently. Users can take the images simply moving their finger on the edges on the smartphone.

There are other manufacturers who launched many features for example Samsung  motion gesture control but it is more interesting to see this Microsoft 3D technology. For seeing this latest technology we have to wait.