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Microsoft Launched an Intelligent Selfie App for iOS, Works Great on iPhone


Microsoft has introduced an advanced selfie app called “Microsoft Selfie” for iPhone. As an application designer, it is time to a great extent.



For selfie crazy people, Microsoft has launched an amazing selfie app for iOS. The intelligent app uses 13 filters to edit your picture. The app is simply a camera tool that is used for photo editing especially for selfies. According to the company, the app uses software to detect your gender, age, skin tone, lightening and different factors in order to edit accordingly. There are multiple themes to choose from, including “1965” and “cool” and it enables you to adjust effect using a slider.

All themes in the app are used to alter the color, texture, lightening, and soften skin. With this app you can target and change specific parts of your face. You can use your device’s original camera to capture your selfie, after that open picture in “Microsoft Selfie” app and apply filters. The app is very helpful for overall editing. The new application combined iPhone’s original photography features and applies its own unique filters. 13 multiple filters allow user to capture a great picture. These tools offer optimized selfie by reducing flaws.

For analyzing selfies it is not company’s first attempt. Earlier this year, the company has launched which guesses people age and people really enjoyed this application. is really a fun app that can guess your age, sometime results are accurate and sometime results go wrong. It might be possible due to user’s appearance, personality, or due to other factors. The company has also launched few selfie apps for Microsoft Lumia 730, and Lumia 735 mobiles as well.

Currently only iPhone users are able to enjoy this app. It is completely unknown when “Microsoft Seflie” app will be available for Android users.