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Monitors Your Health With Apple iphone New Wello Case

This is something new with Apple iPhone case; it takes care of itself and you as well. It monitors its own problems and does the remedy for that. That was quite logical so far the devices as machines but now they have extended these features concerning  your health monitoring as well.

 This is the production Azoi, the "Wello" the case of the iPhone has been incorporated with certain wonderful features through the sensors monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels and can even receive ECG waves from your ticker. It is something more wonderful that blowing into an included tube will also allow the case to monitor your lungs.

This may go a step forward and may even has the ability to monitor your blood glucose level also. Besides that  there may be more sensors to monitor your health indicators. The case can be paired with a Wi-Fi tracker to read your health indicator values and keep you updated every second if you keep your mobile in your hand all the time. The ne case becomes your  diagnostic unit besides other features as a mobile phone alone.

Wello health case

The case is named "Wello" and is awaiting approval by FDA and is planned to be released in last quarter of this year.  It will have a reasonable price; just $199 when it is released later this fall. Tis health monitoring new case will be compatible with Apple iPhone 4s, Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 5s. Android users will be able to use the case as an exclusive device to track their health. These features are installed in a thin removable card that can be allowed to use  in such cases that are manufactured by some other company.

Azoi is taking the pre-orders now and to boost the sale, Azoi is offering  a $10 credit for each reference you make to any other customer person you refer.