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Moto 360 smart-watch to be released in July for $340

Motorola’s first Smart Watch Moto 360 will be released in July, 2014. The price of Moto 360 will be $340 (249 EUR). This seems to be a vague sort of announcement. No market has been declared as to where it will be released initially. However the price also is something vague, where all this smart watch will make its appearance so the price cannot be related to any country or region. In competition with Moto 360 smart-watch smart watch is LG's Android Wear-based G Watch, though not impressive in look but cheaper in price; it will cost only $272 (199 EUR) in France, which gives a good all-around impression of its US price point ($199).
Motorola has released information in bits and pieces just to keep you trailing behind and has given out full details which are still a secret with them. It is further rumored that only a limited volume of production will appear in the market. There are technical issues that make it limited in production.