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Moto X Plus 1 Price Disclosed By Mistake

You may call it an act of neglect and carelessness, after Moto G the price of Moto X+1 is also being disclosed prematurely.

Droidlife report has cited an image of the device from Motorola and confirmed the image of was Moto X+1 along with the price tag of 400$, however the image is no longer available. If we scrutinized the image carefully, we conclude that it is original Moto X and not Moto X+1 and there are no conformation, if Verizon and Sprint would sell the device. In the same information given on Droidlife report, it continuous to say more about Moto X+1

According to this information, the device will have different leather options like Red, Gray, Black and Blue. It is further reported that the handset is likely to the available on Moto Maker also. Droidlife says something further that all features are Moto X is their in Moto X+1 including carriers, cases, storage sizes front and back panels.


Motorola intense holding the ceremony in London to launching a new device on 13th May, There is nothing specifically known the true purpose of this event, but it is generally understood that Moto E would be the launch on this occasion and yet we cannot rule out that Moto X +1 may also be launched on this occasion.