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Motorola Back to School Sale Commence Moto X 64 GB Available In $374.99

Recently Motorola launched 64 GB variant of Moto X smartphones. Now Motorola is ‘Back to School’ sale. Sale is presented for USA consumers. US clients are able to buy Moto X 64GB in just $374.99. The users keep in their minds this is the discounted price whereas the original price of the handset is $449.99. Previously Motorola reduced the price of 16GB and 32GB version also. After reducing the cost 16 GB Moto x is available in $299.99 and 32 GB Moto X is available in $324.99. All these prices are set for the unlocked Moto X via ‘Moto Maker’.

The new sale runs till July 31st. The other Motorola handsets Moto G and Moto E are not the part of the sale but these handsets are already available in a low price. However the Motorola Moto X1 is not the new handset but this is the decent smartphone and this is the first to receive the Android Updates. The handset also has a younger brother named Moto X+1. The younger brother will also hit the markets soon.