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Motorola Confirmed Marshmallow Updates For Moto X Pure Edition for USA carriers

Motorola announced the Marshmallow updates for Moto Pure Edition belongs to Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular.

Last week Motorola tested the Marshmallow updates for their latest Moto X Pure Edition and after that the Motorola officially confirmed on their Google Plus account that they will roll the software update soon for three major USA carriers.

According to the senior director of software products in Motorola the software updates will be roll out for Motor X Pure Edition and the handset belongs to the US Cellular, Verizon and Sprint got the updates. Beside that the Moto X Play Brazil is also in line and the test of software update will also commence soon for that.


Motorola did not specify any special feature for Marshmallow for their device. They listed the particular features of Marshmallow such as Doze, Now on Tap and volume control. So users get ready to catch the software update soon.

Just for users remembrance, the handset has 5.7 inches display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution which delivers 520 ppi density and has 1.8GHz processor paired with Qualcomm (Snapdragon 808 MSM8992) chipset and has 3 GB RAM combined with 16 GB internal memory. The device has 21 MP rear camera. In North America, there are 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory version also available and users have the open choice to select the device according to their requirement.