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Motorola Going to released New Version of Moto X in Upcoming Summer

Before a time the MOTO lovers afraid when they listen the news that Lenovo overtake the company of Motorola from the resources. The users think that the low cost smart phone such as Moto G and Moto X is going to end but fortunately Moto X will remain stay at least a while longer.  

At the time of Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain Motorola have a special Question and answer period regarding the phone of the companies and the other smart phone release plans during the section people asked regarding the next version of Moto X and the answer is shocking. The Motorola responder give the hint that the next version of Moto X comes in this summer but yet he was not give any clear answer.   


The Moto X designed to rival other high end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple Iphone 5 and HTC One. The device have a smart camera, ultra modern voice system and a various customized designs and the most beneficial ability the no- contract phone price is only 400 USD cheaper than the others.

The Moto company still don’t have any plan to rise the price of its smartphones. The phone have a same Android operating system and the company don’t think to look to an other operating system and the responder replied “We'd have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems. We'll continue to focus on Android."