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Motorola Website Contains Hidden News about Release of Moto E

New information has been added to Motorola official website about realize of some device, probably Moto E.

Motorola has added three pages on their Official website containing news of some development though not in very clear words. Something is surely coming up. This hidden news certainly point towards a new phone about which some reference has been made and price tag placed on it. Three mobile sets has been mention on a separate page. They are Moto 3G Global 4GB caring a price tag of 179$, Moto 4G Global with a price tag of 179$ and Moto 4G Global for 189$. It does not some very clear because the time of release is left to speculation by the consumers. Simultaneously Moto E is expected to be launched on an occasion in London on 13th May. This set is expected to be more economical than the Moto G which cost 179$. With this frame of mind one is likely to guess that Motorola is not going to launch Moto E and would be launching two different versions of this device, 3G and 4G one.


The cheaper model Moto 3G Global 4GB would be economical with limited connectivity like 3G seems to be logical and sensible. Probably this is the curiosity of the consumers to look for an economical device with satisfactory performance and probably Moto E will be the choice of the majority.