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New Nokia Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1 seen in picture

Nokia Lumia 520 showed the way to improvement and resulted in Nokia Lumia 525 and now moving a step ahead, now we are going to have Nokia Lumia 530. Though it is still a little far away from its time of release but we can see the pictures of this upcoming device. They look beautiful and fore tell the shape and characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1

The source reporting this device found a low-res image of the Lumia 530 in the list of “a guide displaying the available WP 8.1 devices.” The pictures of Lumia 530 are next to Lumia 930 and Lumia 635. The new handset Lumia 530 is provided with a screen that is smaller than the 4.5-inch screen on Lumia 630 and measure slightly less; 4.3 inches. We have only the picture so far and not very many details to apprise you with. It is rumored that it will be an economical handset and will have basic configuration. 

The 530 runs Windows Phone 8.1 having on-screen keys rather than hardware buttons. Microsoft has given no hint on the date of release of this handset and will be sold in the US by T-Mobile.