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New Series of LG G Pro 3 will be released in the market soon

LG developed the larger versions of their flagships for each year and now is preparing LG G Pro 3 going with the tradition as they produced G Pro 2 which is the good example of renewing their products. G Pro 2 is bigger version of LG G 2 having 5.9 inches display as compare to 5.2 inches of regular G2 model. The new mobile division head of LG has declared his intention to change the company policy about production of new devices.


From the information gathered from the internet the company will no more produce LG G Pro models but will concentrate entirely on its new flagship that is coming with the name of LG G4. Reason for stopping these G Pro models productions is that the smartphones are getting bigger and bigger in display size and they feel that their Pro models have failed to compete Samsung Galaxy Note and in view of that they have given a second thought to the G Pro models.

Despite that company is going to release the new G 3 Pro in January next year with its own NUCLUN processor. We do not know much about the configuration of this Pro device and cannot comment if it would be able to get respectable place in the range of high end devices produce by LG. It is further to be seen how the change of policy affects the company business.