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New software update for LG G3 with improved UI impact

To make a Smartphone is commonplace now but the Smartphone is not static sort of thing. It is example and model dynamic technology. This is all based on the urge in the human mind to take it further to higher limits of performance; therefore the word perfection does not exist in the dictionary of technology. Every moment and every time things are changing and improving. One success accelerates the effort in the pursuit for more and better.


Similarly LG made its Smartphone G3 and did not leave it a static piece of technology and has now issued a software update for the device. The major remedy and improvement targeted in this update is in response to number of complaints from unhappy owners about the Android flagship with particular reference to interface responsiveness.


The LG G3 update is quite bulky in size and volume. It needs 174MB space. Well this is a rumor and has no official backstop, but sadly. The users, who've already installed it in their devices have given the feed back about improved battery life and faster UI navigation. The firmware update is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and is presently available in India, Thailand and some European countries. You can also check it from their official site for its availability; this information is available from the LG Mobile Support Tool.

Before attempting to install the update, it is advisable to back up any important data. Better be safe than sorry.

Do let us also know if you've received the update along with your comments for other user’s information.


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