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Nexus 9 Appears in An Tu Tu Bench Mark and Confirm LTE existence


There have been more rumors about soon to come Motorola-made Nexus X smartphone than what HTC have been doing. HTC is busy in developing and perfecting its Nexus 8.9 tablet. After leaks from many corners now we have leaks from TKTech with reference Antutu benchmark telling a lot about the device. Now we have hear a lot from everywhere about the Nexus 8.9. It is this device that is being talked about a lot.

The Antutu leak has reiterated its early information that the device runs Tegra K1 Denver, which is a 64-bit beast of a chip, and the 1440x2560 display resolution. This is also added more and confirmed that Android L will be version 5.0. What specific of Android we are not sure. What they choose; Laffy Taffy, Lindt or what. We have to wait till it is officially confirmed. The benchmark rating leaked also shows a very high score for the tablet by scoring 45,923 on the test. It is a very respectable rating that a device can earn.

It is astonishing that the leak also includes IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). It is given only to the devices that have cellular connectivity. Nexus tablet will conventionally have LTE connectivity. However Google has other intentions; it only will release the Wi-Fi models first. Later cellular-capable models will be added and may be they change the trend this year.

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