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Nokia Lumia 1520 is able to receive the Windows Phone 8.1 from AT&T

Before a week we heard that the AT&T users who have Lumia devices are able to receive Windows Phone 8.1 updates. AT&T has a plan to roll out t he updates in this week. Yesterday AT&T commences sending the updates to Nokia Lumia 1520 and users are able to enjoy more Cortana features soon.

Lots of features updated by AT&T such as voice assistant, that will permit you to perform an extensive range of tasks, like setting reminders, alarms, searching the web, and more. An extra nice change is the addition of the Action Center, aka the notification tray with quick settings toggles. AT&T announcement also declares that the update “takes full advantage of the Lumia 1520’s Quad-core processor, large, bright 6-inch HD 1080p display, and Nokia Rich Recording suite – four digital microphones and 140 dB recording range”. Still there is no certain information available that the users will have a better sound quality while recording the call.

Users need to wait for receiving the updates but they need to check their device time to time. They can use their manual menu present in the setting for the manual checking updates. When the Lumia 1520 will receive the updates the menu will show automatically the update notification to know the users that the device is ready to update successfully.