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Nokia Lumia 1525 phablet will come on the surface via T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the fourth biggest carrier in the USA. T-Mobile always tries to offer the low range handsets like Lumia 520, but this is the first time that T-Mobile will offer the high end phablet named “Lumia 1525”. This is the latest version of previously launched Lumia 1520.

Nokia Lumia 521 is especially designed for T-Mobile. Lumia 520 and 521 are the same, but 521 is the version coming via T-Mobile. There is one minor difference between the two the Lumia 521 is 4 mm taller than the 520. Lumia 521 comes with UMTS connectivity support on T-Mobile.  

T-Mobile changes the handset because they want to create the difference between the AT&T model and their own Model. The same trend is followed in the line of Lumia 1525. T-Mobile makes the handset different to some extent and wants to offer their own version of the phablet, without harming the rules of AT&T exclusive offer.

The handset has a 6 inches display with 1440x2560 pixels resolution. There is no clear light but the dim shade appears that the phablet is equipped with Snapdragon 805 processor. Another rumor floats; the handset has a 30 mega pixel rear camera and supports solar charging as well.

T-Mobile offer is only revamp versions of Nokia Lumia 925, and now offering the entry-level Nokia Lumia 635, the mobile carrier is looking for a high end Windows Phone phablet to its consumers. Unfortunately we still don’t know when we might see this model available via T-Mobile.