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Nokia Phablet Lumia 1520 and a windows 8 tablet, on the way of advancement

Nokia has reportedly scheduled a press event in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 22. This could be when the company officially announces its first Windows 8 RT tablet it may 2520 and its rumored Lumia 1520 phablet and 4 other Devices. Nokia shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to releasing new hardware. Nokia has already scheduled an event for Oct. 22 in Abu Dhabi. Nokia have regained its market share with its flagship device Nokia Lumia 1020 and now setting eyes on the tablet market.

It been a long rumored that Nokia is working on a Windows 8 tablet and sources have told the site that Nokia already has its tablet in carrier testing with different carriers. A Windows 8-powered Nokia tablet just popped up on a benchmarking site that revealed some of the tablet’s specs, including the operating system. Windows Phone Central is reporting that it has received a tip that Nokia is planning to hold an upcoming event in October, 22.

The site points out that Nokia has only reserved the New York City location for major launches (This time it will be Adu Dhabi) such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and the just-released Lumia 1020. There are two devices that could make their debut at the upcoming event. The Nokia phablet Lumia 1520 is reportedly go to the geting officially announcement in the upcoming event.

The site mentions that new Windows 8.1 hardware is expected to go on sale sometime in October, since the new OS is being released to manufacturers in August. This would certainly help Nokia’s first Windows 8 tablet get some great publicity as it coincides with Microsoft’s next version of Windows 8. The tablets are expected to look similar to its Lumia smart phones, complete with bright colors and rounded polycarbonate body.