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Now U.S. Manufacturer BLU Decided To Make The Windows Phone

BLU is known as a low evaluated producer of Android controlled handsets.

In any case with Microsoft looking to augment the accessibility of low valued Windows Phone models, BLU is throwing its cap into the Windows Phone showcase in the wake of guaranteeing offers of 10 million Android enhanced telephones. Friday, on its Facebook page. The Florida based producer teased its new Windows Phone by posting a picture of it with the heading, "Sneak look... What's this I see, that is not the same as the others?"

Microsoft has evacuated the authorizing charges for Windows Phone 8.1, and in the meantime, has lifted fittings prerequisites with the exception of the utilization of a Qualcomm processor. Microsoft additionally propelled a gateway site as of late, intended for wannabe ease Windows Phone makers.

The extent that BLU's Windows Phone model is concerned, the outline takes after the BLU Dash 5.0 which could be acquired for $121 from Amazon. That gadget offers a 5 inch LCD screen with determination of 480 x 854, controlled by a double core 1.3 GHz processor with 512mb of RAM. The anonymous Windows Phone model may not impart the same specs as the Dash 5.0, yet remember that it will be rivalry for the Nokia Lumia 520, not the Nokia Lumia 1520.