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Oppo N3 complete camera details revealed

Oppo N3 is the hot topic of news and rumors now days because of its impressive and durable make and specifications. Many leaks and rumors about the handset are on the air but now company CEO raveled complete camera details of Oppo N3. Weibo was published the interview of CEO Tony Chen. According to the CEO the handset is equipped with 16 mega pixels camera which has 1/2.3 inches sufficient sensor in size. The sensor delivers the high quality images to the users.


Tony Chen proves the quality of the camera with comparing other giant handsets like Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Both the handsets has 1/2.6 inches sensors which is small than the N3. Besides Samsung, HTC One M8 and Apple iPhone 6 are featured with 1/3 inches sensor in size and the original Oppo N1 contain 1/3.06 inches sensor. These comparison shows that the Oppo N3 has a more powerful camera sensor.

According to the previous leaks Oppo N3 has a swivel camera. The other specifications of the handset are 5.9 inches large display with 1080 pixels resolution. The handset will power with Snapdragon 805 chipset and has 3 GB large memory in the form of RAM. The rotating position of the camera is similar like Oppo N1. The handset camera will rotate upon 206 degree with its dual LED flash.

The handset Oppo N3 will be available in three charming colors; pink, white and cyan. However the price of the handset is still not confirm and expected will be revealed soon. With all these feature the one more durable thing found in the handset and that is the body of the handset which is made up with stain less steel or aluminum-lithium alloy body which increase the endurance of the handset because the same material used to make the spaceship products.

Well Oppo has a great expectation from this handset and users are also keenly waiting to see this solid handset physically.

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