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Oppo N3 Leak again with its moveable camera and premium look

Oppo is very confident and hopeful with its new upcoming device known as Oppo N3. This is the modest version of Oppo N1. There is no doubt that the new smartphone and phablets manufacturer achieved the success in very short time. Now the manufacturer is busy in increasing their popularity amongst the users. The upcoming device will be available in two versions and both the versions are made up with stainless steel and a light weight aluminum lithium material. The metal is specifically used to make the aerospace products. Oppo takes one more advance step and placed the cooling system inside the device. The cooling system is placed in smartphone board. The cooling system keeps the handset board cool and reduces the heat of the device.  


Besides these impressive features the most interesting feature is the rotating camera of the handset. Although this is not the new feature, before this company used same rotating camera inside the Oppo N1. Users can easily select the angle of camera by rotating according to their requirement. The camera also fulfills the selfie requirement of the users. It is expected that the handset has many other compelling features but still company did not reveal them. The users are able to move the camera around 206 degrees and company also placed the dual LED for better snapshots.

The other interesting fact about the handset is its premium look. The handset has faux leather back but where we look the back before? Yes you are right Samsung used this same faux back in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10. Before this we heard that the handset will have a 13 mega pixel rotating camera but recent leaked claims that the handset is equipped with 16 mega pixel camera.

It is expected that the handset will take the official place on 29th October till than we have to wait for new rumors and news but we cannot say anything sure before the time.

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