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Original Smartphone May Retard Sale In Future

Every business concern is always worried by  the problem of continuous sales of their product because any blockade may push back far away from production to job market and financial loss to the enterprise. This apprehension was expressed in the recent Mobile World Conference 2014.

This issue of growth markets was discussed with clouds of slowing down the sale and ways to continue  smooth flow outward were contemplated. An effort was made to peep into the future of Smartphone.

We monitor on regular basis how the sale of Smartphone is growing and its future trend. Some change in this trend is estimated this year which unfortunately shows a negative trend. United States production of Smartphone is likely to reduce and same trend will be seen in the production of Smartphone in other  countries producing it like Western Europe and Japan causing a big slide as compared to the previous years. However some inevitable factors may cause this change.


In 2013, more than a billion Smartphone were sold  and around 40% growth was seen. This may not happen now because of the market reaching its limits and gradually the rates may reduce by about 10% in the next few years, say by 2017. Not only the production will decrease , the rates will also slide down from $335 to just $260 in next four years. The low cost devices may cause this reduction prices and production.