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Patents reveal that Foldable Display Smartphone is in Advanced Development Phase

Published on Mar 24,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

It seems that Samsung is secretly working on a smartphoen which will be completely an innovation in the Mobile World.  Probably the smartphone will carry a unique design with foldable display. We already know that Samsung is trying to put its flexible OLED panels from a long time under the "Project Valley" moniker.

A couple of months ago we heard that Korean Company filled patents for foldable display smartphone. Now the new information came to inform us that the project is in its development phase, meaning the team is working on the device and it is in advanced development stage. The design of the device appears extremely complicated, it not only utilize flexible display panel but it also complex mechanic machine. The foldable display of the smartphone will allow users fold the device in half.

It is a complex sort of engineering that world’s famous smartphone makers such as Samsung and Apple can drag in. Apart from detailing the mechanical crux, the patent diagram exhibits a device that looks reasonably complete. It has many things that we are familiar with such as volume keys, power, and camera placement, but it doesn’t features a Home button but it shows two magnetic studs so the phone can stay steadily folded.

While there are no words when the smartphone will be launched, but it is expected that the company will launch the foldable smartphone sometimes later this year. Though there is no guarantee that these patented designs will eventually come out early in the market, it appears that Project Valley is a long term project. In spite of that we hope Samsung will soon release innovative piece of technology. 

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