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Production of Next iPad Air (iPade Air 2) and iPade mini 3 starts in Asia

All the news and rumors for Apple now concentrate on upcoming iPhone 6 5.5 inches display version and iWatch.  The news and gossips are so twisted about those products and in the circle of iPhone 6 and iWatch most of the viewers forget that new iPad versions are also in queue. According to the report the next generation iPad production takes place in Asia.

As per news, Asia supply chain that the upcoming iPad Air production takes place in Asia and the mini version of the iPad production will start soon. The notable thing is that both iPad versions will not hit the markets together. The next generation iPad is expected to release in the end of September or in the first week of October, but the mini version of iPad is listed to be in the markets before the end of this year. Only production process is confirmed for iPad mini.

Still the production of iPad Mini with anti reflective coating could not be started because of Apple concentrating on iPad Air production. The applying of anti-reflective coating has slowed the process of production. Anti reflective coating makes it easier to read under all conditions of light but consumes some time in production. However Apple started the production earlier to make up the delay.

There is no confirmed date of announcement but for iPhones is believed to be September 9th. There is no news about the 12.2-inch iPad Pro as well.  


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