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Prototype images of Android Phone Nokia C1 leaked

After the success of Nokia N1 Android tablet, Nokia has the plan to release another Android Phone named Nokia C1. Nokia is bound in the deal with Microsoft not to release the smartphone with their own name beofre 2016. However, it can use its brand name on the products acquired from other manufacturers and with this strategy they are going to launch an Android Phone very soon. Nokia is going to launch Android Phone Nokia C1. This has been leaked on some internet sources.

The leaked informtion suggeste that the Nokia C1 comes with 5 inches display with 720 pixels resolution with 2GB RAM. 8 megapixel rearcamera and 5 megapixels frontfacing camera. This Andrroid Phone runs Android Lollipop operating system paired with Nokia’s own Z launcher. There is no information availablle about the other specs of the handset and the release date is also not known but Nokia launched Nokia N1 tablet last year in November so it is expected that Nokai C1 will make the public apperance in same time.

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Nokia is the champ in its field and the Nokia N1 and C1 are not the first attack on the Android field.Nokia X series phones are already utilised to open source nature of Android and runs the Android apps but the phone did not come with Google suite like gmail or play store for loading the Android Apps in this phones. Maybe this new Nokia C1 Android Phone comes with this pre-loaded apps loader.