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Rumor: Apple iPhone 7 will be Tremendously Thin with a Larger Battery

Published on Apr 11,2016 By Liam Hems

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus both are little thicker as compared to iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus. They say that due to 3D Touch latest devices are .2mm thick if we compare them to their predecessors. For instance, iPhone 6 measure 6.9mm and iPhone 6s measure 7.1, similarly the iPhone 6s Plus measures 7.3mm and its previous version measures 7.1mm, the difference between all these devices is clear.

But according to new rumor Apple will slender its next flagship, after removing 3.5mm head jack the next device will measure between 6mm and 6.5mm.  There are tremendous chances that we will see a slim and thin device by Apple. We hope that the phone will not only slim the company will put in a advanced capacity battery as an alternative of just manufacturing the phone thinner. As per rumors the iPhone 7 will have a 1826 mAh battery. 

Last month a picture of next iPhone generation leaked, the picture shows how iPhone 7 will look like. This time Apple will amend design of its flagship, hence 2015 model resembles to 2014 model. So this time fans are expecting number of noticeable changes in the design. Apart from design, the phone will have a larger battery, batter camera and improved RAM. The A10 chip will be used in the next smartphone, the phone will also contain advanced features of 3D Touch.

We know iPhone 7 fans are way excited but the launch event is 5 months ahead so take a deep breath and keep calm we will update you with every latest news about the device.


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