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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Reportedly will be called Galaxy Note 7 what is the Tale

Samsung is about to release its next phablet in a couple of months and the mobile world is filled with millions of rumors about the device. A news coming from Korea claims that the upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 6 will probably be called Galaxy Note 7. It seems unfeasible that why Samsung will skip Note 6 and introduce its successor, but it looks like there are some possible reasons behind this move.

The major reason behind this move could be steadiness because the company wants to have the same number of flagship in 2016 like Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy Note 7. Another possible reason could be the company wants to compete its competitor Apple who is going to launch iPhone 7/iPhone Plus 7 after three months.

Moreover, Galaxy Note 6 is rival of iPhone 7 Plus so it could be perceived way older by those people who really don’t have much knowledge about mobile market but can spend huge money on smartphones. Coming towards specifications of the phablet, the Note 7 is said to come in standard version and a dual-edge display version which will make it exclusive as compare to its predecessor. The masterpiece will own all those features and advanced specifications that we can expect from a 2016 model. Thus, one thing is definite Korean Giant won’t disappoint its customers.

In the technology world, skipping one number is not surprising; Microsoft has done this before when it launched Windows 10 after Windows 8. Just like its antecedent, the Note 7 will be equipped with curved glass back. As per reports, the Note 7 will be released in early on or mid-August, according to its release cycle from last year. Early launch could give Samsung a cutting edge because the new Note will have extra time to make sales than Apple’s new release.