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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Limitations Leaked

The rumor world has been already jam-packed with the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 information, abundant reports confirm that the Phablet will own an iris scanner for enhanced security system. Some pictures of the Note 7’s iris scanner have revealed online, popping several questions about the iris scanner. 


As per the Korean Giant usage admonition for the iris scanner, consumers will have to hold the device at a particular distance such as about 10 inches to 14 inches. The face must be toward the device and consumers will have to position their eyes in the circles displayed on the smartphone’s display.

Another image leaked by Android Authority, shows the lock screen and security settings page on the upcoming phablet will have a new choice under Fingerprint which will be called Irises. One a user will hit the Irises a declaimer will show up, containing long list of iris scanner limitations. As per stipulation, users who use contact lenses or wear glasses might face difficulty while unlocking the smartphone because the iris scanner may not be able to verify their identity accurately.  

Moreover, Samsung suggests consumers not to utilize the scanner straight in sunlight or low-light conditions. If the user has an eye disease or has had surgeries such as LASIK, LASEK the iris scanner will not function properly. The new feature is exclusive and appealing which can attract potential buyers, but these limitations can turn into a major setback. The iris scanner is key features in the forthcoming Note 7, but if the scanner works limited it would be just an innovation for many people. 

The Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled on August 2, stay tuned Mobile57 will update you with all reports about the Samsung’s masterpiece.