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Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is on the surface

Recently we have been in the spell of rumors about a possible Google Play Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. It was expected that there would be an announcement about this in the Google I/O but that passed uneventful in this regard. However besides others, announcement about Android L was overshadowing others.

It is still doubtful whether Samsung has the intention of launching Galaxy S5 GPE but there was a post showing this Galaxy S5 GPE which is a variant of the flagship smartphone. The peculiar thing pertaining to this is having hardware, and software navigation keys. The Google Play Edition runs stock Android KitKat with a stock Android launcher contrary to regular Galaxy S5 that runs Android 4.4 KitKat with Samsung’s TouchWiz UX .

A similar Galaxy S5 having hardware and software buttons is currently being highlighted by Google on the official Android website along with Google Play Edition handsets. It is useless to say that the S5 GPE would be having two sets of buttons for navigation.

We are not certain when the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is coming to the surface but we estimate it will cost the users around $600 or more because it would be sold unlocked.