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Samsung is planning to switch over to metal body starting from Samsung Galaxy S6

The mobile manufacturing companies have done the maximum with inside technology and every sort of experimentation has been done. That may not be the limit and yet more is to be done; maybe we come to a stage when we communicate only the thoughts in the mind and may not need any words or typing. But here we are talking about the outside story; the body. Now plastic body may not be so attractive and new innovation is towards metal body. Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming in metal body. It is so far a leak but has many reasons to be the true news.

For some of the commentators a metal body may not be a big achievement but visualize their position and see how difficult it is to change the design features and switch the gear, HTC has already produced the metal body sets but compare the volume of production of Samsung with HTC. This is not really comparable. Changing over to metal body is not a small issue for Samsung because of the production volume.


Samsung is now producing the first mainstream smartphone to have a one piece metal body design. This is just like HTC One M8.

Samsung’s supply chain has leaked out that the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4 are just the start of the Samsung transition to metal body and premium design to be introduced all over and bring it into the mainstream. Presently the metal body makers of the smarphones are committed with Apple and Samsung is finding it difficult to suddenly change over to metal. May be they stress their metal workers to speed up their working. However this actor is going to increase the cost. Galaxy S6 is going to make the change.

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