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Samsung Mobile Boss Says, Mid-end Devices Could get Iris Scanner Afterward

The Galaxy Note 7 is the first phablet to house Samsung iris scanner feature, the firm’s mobile boss say that later on the feature will be used in mid-end devices as well. In a press conference, DJ Koh, president of Samsung's mobile division said that, "We've invested over three years in the development of iris scanning technology; iris scanner is most secure biometric security system”. 

“The iris scanner will not only used to unlock the device, in future Samsung will connect the scanner to third parties and API. The scanner will be helpful in mobile banking as well, we are thinking of applying iris scanning for big transactions, and are already talking with banks in some countries," said by DJ Koh.

In addition, he said that, the company is working on cost cutting of iris scanner so the feature will not limited to high-end devices only, it could be used in mid-range smartphones as well. There is a perception that Android Operating System isn’t as secure as iOS so the company wants to increase software security that can overcome this image.

DJ Koh said, the iris scanner technology functions even for people with glasses on. Moreover, Korean Giant is escalation safety features for its flagship phones for the ventures. Since the Galaxy S5 has launched, Samsung has added own security features in it such as Knox and fingerprint scanner.  The iris scanner is making its way to mid-range device; it means Samsung smartphone will be more secure than ever before.

Previously this week, a few speculations were up about limitations of the iris scanner, seems that those gossips were sham and the iris scanner will be a successful initiative towards stepping into high security technology.