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Samsung placed the retina scanner in Galaxy Note 4

We already heard about Galaxy Note 4. There is a new clue found from the official Twitter account of Samsung Exynos. A Twitte appears about the Galaxy Note 4. The message and the posted image show the gigantic eye on the screen of Galaxy Note 4 and the message text is “Security can be improved by the unique features focused on the pure envisaged vision”. For the pure visualization what Samsung used?

This is clear in the image that retina scanner is placed on the note 4 and this is a big accomplishment in the field of phablet. Retina scanner is more secure than the thumb impression scanner. Samsung embedded the first finger print scanner in Galaxy S5. The posted image demonstrates how the retina scanner can be useful for online transactions. Fingerprint scanner is one of the ways to identify the person but this technology can be defeated to some extent, but retina scanner is still insurmountable. Still there is no way found to beat the retina security.

There was a rumor floating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be launched with retina display but that was only the rumor; it will be found in Galaxy Note 4. There is no firm date available of this note till yet, but it is expected that the note will hit the markets somewhere in September during the IFA 2014 hold in Berlin.