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Samsung Rumored to use Round Home Button with Improved Fingerprint Scanner in its Future Smartphones

A new render informs us that Korean Giant Samsung is planning to embed a round shape home button in its smartphones for the improved fingerprint sensor. The company has filed patents as well, so we anticipate that the company will replace its square fingerprint scanner with round scanner. The feature is likely to introduce in high-end devices such as Samsung flagship and Note series; Galaxy S7 has already in stores and the Note 7 launch is around the corner so we expect to see the change in 2017 flagship.

Fingerprint scanner improves smartphone security so it’s considered an essential feature in high-end devices even Chinese company has introduced the feature in their mid-range devices as well. Some mobile makers use a fingerprint sensor on the backside of the device such as Huawei unlike Apple and Samsung. Apple and Samsung place security scanner in the home button on their devices, as per filled patents Korean Company will use round home button with fingerprint sensor like Apple.

History is witness that Apple dragged Samsung into court and claimed that Samsung copied some design aspects of the iPhone. So once again Apple may take Samsung to the court if the manufacture is planning to introduce a smartphone with round home button. In addition, Galaxy manufacturer also applied for patents which portrayed that the firm plans to embed the fingerprint sensor at the backside.  


The most awaited upcoming Galaxy Note 7 with top-notch features is expected to launch in August. If rumors would turn true, Galaxy Note 7 would be Samsung’s first mobile with Snapdragon 820 and 6GB of RAM. It may feature an iris fingerprint sensor and would be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB memory options with MicroSD card. Let’s wait till the masterpiece hits the Market with all advanced features.