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Samsung's first Android smartwatch will be launch in Google IO

We already told our users about the next event of Google. The Google hold the I/O conference in San Francisco 25th and 26th June 2014. These day’s wearables are getting famous among the users. Still we don’t have any confirmation but we are expecting to receive the Samsung very first Android based wearable in the I/O conference.

According to the sources, Samsung new Android wearable watch is similar to Galaxy Gear 2 which is already in the market previously. Probably all Google I/O members receive the wearable during the conference.

One thing is very clear Samsung is working currently on two models. One model is powered with Exynos chipset and the other one is equipped with Qualcomm. But which one is going to reveal in the Google I/O is not confirmed yet. In any condition wearable has the model number SM-R382 which is revealed during the FCC in previous week.

Beside the Samsung, LG and Motorola will also present their Android werables in the conference. Motorola wearable is tagged Moto 360 and LG wearable tagged as LG G Watch. LG G watch probably will be shipped in early July.