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Samsung's next Galaxy Note series will come with dual edge version as well

After the successful experiment of Galaxy Note Edge Samsung took the bold step and revealed the Galaxy S6 Edge in MWC and according to the company expectations they got the warm welcome of Galaxy S6 Edge from the users and now company has a plan to reveal the edge version of their upcoming tablets in future.

Samsung is considering introducing the edge versions of their upcoming tablets with the regular version which is pointing out by the Samsung official. According to the Executive vice president of Samsung; “There is a possibility that Samsung will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note lineup”.

There is no doubt that the both sided curved display add more charm to the look of the device. When company was revealed the Galaxy Note Edge last year the device carry one-sided edge display which is loaded with many functions and features and after that company move towards the improvement and launched the Galaxy S6 Edge with the two-sided curved display. Another official person of Samsung said that company is focusing towards the curved display devices with the regular version he said; “The edge display technology is still in its infancy, but Samsung will further promote it by sharing the SDKs (software development kit) and APIs (application programming interface) for developers to come up with a range of more practical applications.”


If the information comes true and the Samsung’s notes come with the curved display the device will more costly. According to the rough estimation, the device with the curved display is 10% more costly than Apple devices.