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Samsung SM-G110B New Low Cost Android Device Reveal Soon By Samsung Might Be New Galaxy Pocket

Samsung next plan is to reveal the low cost hand set who have a bit sufficient maybe the next set is the compact variant of other but only we have the code right now SM-G110B.

Samsung is one of the largest phone makers recently after the MWC Samsung Launched many handsets but all of them are the high grade smartphone by configuration and high level by cost and the out from the normal persons approach.

Now Samsung plan to launch the hand set which was low in the cost and every one can enjoy the smart features .we hears the news that the next low cost upcoming smartphone from Samsung is under developing and the name still did not declare but the code name is confirm its SM-G110B.

Some specifications we found on the Samsung official website the set SM-G110B has  240 x 320 display, Android 4.4.2, and a 1GHz processor but the bit confusion is there we still don’t not the processor is a single-core or a dual-core it needs time to be confirmed until the Samsung open the cap.

Some other sites confirm the screen diameter of this SM-G110B it might be has 3.3 inches. According to the specifications of this set it is possible that this is the new member of Galaxy Pocket Family. This is the new series which Samsung going to be launched soon. Some sets if this family we saw in the last vacations with a very economical price.


Beside the code name we don’t know when the set come on the surface but we have an general idea according to the specifications and the family series that the set most probably available in 100 USD because the devices belongs to the low cost series of Samsung.