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Samsung SM-T805 Could Be The New Member Of Galaxy Tab Pro

We saw the hidden tablet from Samsung last week after tracking the Samsung the official confirms the model number of that tablet the code name is Samsung SM-T805.

Although we still don’t know much about the tablet which is the upcoming expected tablet from Samsung but we still try to catch more information from the Samsungs officials as well as the other resources.

We have a few specification about this next expected tablet such as the tablet have a updated profile and run new version of Android 4.4 KitKat and display resolution is between 1600x 2560 mega pixel. The tablet test and received the approval certificate for the Bluetooth feature its means we are able to see this tablet in a couple of weeks.

But the question is this; this tablet could be the new tab pro family or have another generic we are still confused on it and cannot say anything before time. We are waiting for the  official release of this tablet after that we have a clear idea about this tablet what actually the tablet have and its belong to the tab pro family or have a new version of the previously launched tablets by Samsung. After official hints regarding this tablet we are able to say anything about the specification or for the price.