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SanDisk Offers iXpand Memory Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

Apple is continuously selling 16GB iPhone even in 2016 when most of mobile makers are providing 32GB standard models, so storage could be a continuing problem for many users who want to enjoy multiple apps on their mobiles. SanDisk is trying to solve the issue with its newly made iXpand Memory Case, it’s a built-in storage iPhone case which connects via Lightening port, it radically boosts storage and fulfills need of storage.


The iXpand Memory Case app enhance performance of the case, users can download the app and use it to automatically upload of videos and photos from the camera to the case. The case also protects contents and media files because it comes with SanDisk Secure Access software. Another significant feature of the case is it detects low battery and charges it quickly. The company also introduced iXpand flash drive for iOS devices which allow users to quickly free storage on their iPads and iPhone. The USB has up to 128GB storage and it is compatible with almost all models of iPhone and iPad.


The iXpand Memory Case is made with hard plastic outside and soft rubber inside, it is available for only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s but not for their Pro models. The case comes in three memory options such as 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and available for $60, $100 and $130 correspondingly and it comes in Blue, Black, Red and light Blue colors. The case also features a 1900 mAh battery which offers huge battery backup to 1715 mAh and 1810 mAh battery.