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Shall LG V700 and V400 be the next G Pad Tablets

 The consumers well received LG G Pad 8.3 last year and gave lot of encouragement which made it the pioneer with a Google Play Edition.  It gave confidence to LG to launch two more tablets currently this year.

LG V700 and an LG V400 are approved by The FCC approved and now these tablets will be both, dual-band Wi-Fi tablets with Bluetooth. The picture shows it to be around 10 inches landscape presentation but is only guessed and not confirmed. The V400 sports model is in portrait display as the G Pad 8.3.

They have the rear cameras which are visible on both; LG V700 and an LG V400
Presently only this much information is available about the two LG tablets. We are no sure if they are to be named as G Pads or will bear some other name but it does not sound logical that LG will leave this name. The more we know shall be shared with you.