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Sprint & Verizon Customers: Time is Running out Approach Fast to Claim Cramming

For Verizon and Sprint Carrier customer time is running out for users to file a complaint against unknown or apprehensive charges.


Telecommunication companies agreed to $158 settlement associated with Federal Communication Commission that they permitted to third parties to deduct from customer mobile for premium text without their permission or knowledge. This illegal practice is known as Cramming directs to illegal charges for customers.

According to the FCC, cramming is frequently connected to tricky ads, wallpapers, ringtones, and premium texts about celebrity gossips, daily horoscopes, or sports that are sent to customer’s phone without his permission. The charges linked to the illegal practice ranges from $0.99 to $14, and average charges are $9.99 monthly. FCC recommended to customers that they should carefully look at their bill statements and take action if doubtful or unknown charged or deducted from your mobile.

In 2014, the same issue was raised T-mobile and AT&T paid $ 90 million and $ 105 million respectively for settlement of the issue. Before Government action, both carriers Sprint and Verizon settled to reimburse charges of customers related to cramming issue, but customers have time till 31 Dec, 2015. Till 31 Dec customers can claim their issues on and websites. In the Verizon case customers can call 1-888-726-7063 and for Sprint case 1-8-77-389-8787.



Former and current customers who have been charged illegal charges since July can file a request against their carrier. At the time of filing a report customers should carefully aware about their bills. It is the best time to refund your money so go ahead file a complaint and reimburse your money. Click on above mentioned links to repay your money. In addition, you can make a claim online or via email.

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