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The Worst Dangers of Playing Pokémon Go Game

Published on Jul 14,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

The Pokémon Go is a popular game which has proven itself worldwide, the game teaches users hard work, admiration and companionship. The game is increasing its fans day by day by performing an incredible job and dozens of people are catching the Pokémon Go in towns and gyms. The game has been recognized worldwide, but still there are lots of safety issues in it. People are putting themselves at risk while playing this game.

The users are enforced to gaze a ‘Beware of your surroundings’ display every time when they login and the game users accord makes sure to place the accountability of safety onto the player and not to the game. According to cyber security firm ‘proof point’ one version of Pokemon Go “Droidjack” installed with the game and lead players to the danger by fully controlling the Android OS.

The proof point, says since the game is popular so people are downloading it from anonymous pages instead of its official website Nintendo or Pokemon Company, the anonymous page don’t have a real version so users should download it from the official website.

The shady version of Pokemon Go can control camera & Bluetooth, keeps an eye on device location either it is set by network or GPRS, finds and uses social accounts registered on the device, and it can access contacts saved in SD card change them. At the moment there is no solution for this issue except the users reinstall Android version in their devices.

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