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Two 4G Lenovo Smartphones to be powered with Intel processors will Come Early Next Year

The Intel chip producers are working to expand the supply of their Intel processors to Lenovo smartphones to be sold only in China and worldwide shortly. Intel is adding smartphone products along with computer.

Lenovo is planning to launch two new smartphones that would be powered by Intel processors in the next two months. The new Intel processors will be 64 bit Atom and LTE advanced modem chips for the new Lenovo smartphones; one would be exclusively for China to be announced in February and the other would be for the emerging global markets to be released in January. These announcements have been made well in time when Consumer Electronics Show in going to be held next month is Las Vegas. In this show Lenovo, Intel and other firms are going to announce their new products.


4G smartphone that is first to be powered with Intel will be fairly popular for its design feature in the world’s biggest smartphone market, China and its going to be a landmark in the history of high speed 4G technology. However, Intel is still behind Qualcomm which is holding two third of the world market as well as the MediaTek.

Intel is enter this field new and is likely to face a difficult competition because previously it only focused on computer relevant chips and now it is a new field that it is entering where many big firms are already well established. Probably it is because of the reason that people are shifting from computers to tablets therefore Intel finds reducing market for computers only. Probably they will have to spend more money to get hold of the market. Intel is introducing its first 4G system on chip with the name SoFIA, it carries added advantage of combining processor and modem consuming less power.