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VP of Microsoft says next Windows flagship phone will be Category Innovative

Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Windows Kevin Gallo announced that the company aims to launch next high-end smartphone for the enterprise market. The company is focusing on high-end smartphones based on Windows 10 which could be referred as Surface Phone. The smartphone would be category innovating for enterprise segment; finally we would see something unique and innovative by the company.

In addition, Kevin Gallo added that we are actually working on category innovation and high-end device like we have done with OEMs and Surface will go and construct the width of the catalog. He also said that the company neither discarded Windows Phone OS nor it has such plans. Microsoft is also rolling out a major update to the Windows 10 Mobile OS. The VP also says Windows mobiles are fully supported and we are fully following it. There are no chances of altering strategy regarding releasing the Windows Phone software.

Microsoft’s prime focus is an Enterprise segment because Nokia’s low-end devices were never going to make money and Business core is Microsoft core strength. The company has revealed its plans once before regarding Windows 10 mobile hardware, and it is anticipated to working on new category phones. Probably Microsoft devices will have a high security system to secure data of consumers and cloud services will also be enhanced.

Rumors say that upcoming phone will be powered by latest Snapdragon 830 with so many advanced features. There is no information about the release date of the phone, but we expect to hear official words soon from the company.