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Windows Hello will not be a problem anymore.

Published on Jan 10,2017 By Maq Ahmed

With the release of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Windows introduced its new biometric system named Windows Hello. Supporting features like Fingerprint scan, facial detection and iris scan, it was an interesting addition to the upcoming Microsoft fleet, but it came with a slight chink in its armor, the personal identification tool was a bit too slow.



Luckily, the developers at Microsoft were aware of this and now with the new devices and an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile creators update, minor tweaking and further changing in the software should hopefully solve this annoying issue.

The new update cuts down a single animation of the Hello icon wink and then the device performance compared to the runtimes of both the software versions show a significant improving. Funny how only a minor change can mean a big change. Over all, the new update should make happy any angry previous users of Windows Hello as well as provide an interesting feature to those who are going to buy the new Windows 10 smartphones.

To set up your Windows Hello on your new Windows 10 device, select Start, then select Settings >Accounts >Sign-in options and then select the Windows Hello which will direct you to the various features

Furthermore, the new update will also make the login times shorter and improve the fingerprint scan on devices like Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol 4S

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