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Windows Phone 8.1 handsets Expected To Come On Surface In Summar

There's been a steady stream of holes about Windows Phone 8.1 recently, and we are all anticipating that Microsoft will completely uncover the new OS in promptly April one week from now at its Build Developer Conference.

Anyhow when will clients have the capacity to really purchase a Windows Phone 8.1 handset? All things considered, this may happen later in April.

As stated by WP Central, the exact first gadgets running Windows Phone 8.1 ought to be accessible to buy beginning April 23. There is no expression on precisely what WP 8.1 handsets we'll be seeing hitting retires that day. Notwithstanding, Nokia's Lumia 630 and Samsung's Ativ SE for Verizon could be around them - since both showed up in loads of released pictures throughout the last few months.

WP Central likewise reports that Microsoft's equipment accomplices now have the last form of Windows Phone 8.1. Along these lines, they can test it and get their new WP gadgets prepared for buyers. As you may know, the rundown of Windows Phone fittings accomplices is substantial at the minute, including - also Nokia and Samsung - HTC, LG, Lenovo Huawei, ZTE, and others.

We are expecting that current Windows Phone 8 handsets will be redesigned to WP 8.1 beginning April, as well.